What You’ll Learn

From promotions and pricing, to e-commerce and innovation, discover the knowledge and strategies that will help you to develop your business in the Retail.

Courses introducing the retail industry : actors, consumer trends, and shopper marketing

Master the analytics to take the right decision on promotion, pricing, product development and product mix

Learn the practices and strategies to succeed your negotiations, your marketing plans and product strategies

Discover the practices to develop your brands through the e-commerce channel (sales, logistics, security,…)

We provide Physical AND Online Training

Our Physical Training

We offer live training on retail topics. The trainings are organized with limited participants to encourage interactions with each other and the trainer. The participants have the chance to ask all their questions, and get directly an answer. The training are organized in our training room (Gondola’s office) or can be organized in-company (on request), and vary from 0.5 day to 2 days.

Our Online Training

The Retail Academy is innovating by offering online courses on retail topics. We have developed a learning framework that will help you to learn the best practices through short video modules. You can follow the training 24h/24 and 7d/7, at your own pace! The online courses are structured with practical modules to ease the learning, in order to apply the concept quickly in your day-to-day job.